How to Make Vape Juice

how to make vape juice

The e-cigarette community has always been about more than just finding an alternative to traditional cigarettes and cigars.

This is a community based on individuality, personalization, customization, and finding a way to do what you want when you want to without being told how to go about doing exactly that. As a result, creating your own custom vape juice and ejuice has quickly become very, very popular – and folks all over the world are tinkering and toying with different kinds of recipes to come up with ejuice solutions that they are happy with. If you want to skip gathering all the things you need separately, you may want to just invest in a diy ejuice kit. You can get a decent diy ejuice kit here.

If you have been thinking about taking the plunge with a new e-cigarette or vaporizer, and want to create your own ejuice (to enjoy complete and total customization over the things you smoke or just to save quite a bit of money when you make ejuice in bulk quantities) you’ll be able to use the inside information contained below to help you find your way.

Believe it or not, cranking out your own batch of DIY ejuice is going to go a lot easier than most people think it’s going to go – especially if you use the details included in this quick guide to act as a step-by-step training program to get you started.

Let’s dive right in!

Getting your hands on the ingredients that you are going to need

Right out of the gate, the first big part of learning how to make vape juice is to get your hands on all of the ingredients you’ll need to create the finished product to begin with. Believe it or not, these products and ingredients are a lot easier to get your hands on the end you may have ever assumed.

The backbone element of every DIY ejuice concoction is going to be Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (commonly referred to as PG and VG, respectively) – or some combination of the two.

Both of these different viscous ingredients are going to form the foundation of your ejuice, providing you with the mouth feel and a baseline of the flavor that your new concoction is going to enjoy. Sometimes these materials are called the dilutent, as your nicotine and flavor ingredients are going to need to be diluted by PG or VG to knock down the strength that they inevitably bring to the table.

Choosing between either PG or VG is going to come down to your own personal tastes and what you hope to get out of your new ejuice. Both of them are going to work wonders, and some find a combination able to be very effective, but when you are starting out to make your first bench it’s probably a good idea to choose one or the other.

PG is a 100% organic chemical compound used in food, tobacco, and personal care solutions across the market. This backbone ingredient isn’t going to alter the flavor of your ingredients the way that VG sometimes has a tendency to, but it’s also going to provide a stronger throat hit because of its lower level of viscosity.

VG, on the other hand, is a slightly sweeter and slightly thicker foundational ingredient that is going to only slightly alter the way that your core flavor ingredients taste but provides a much softer and more gentler (as well as much thicker) cloud of vapor when it is actually vaporized. If you’re looking for a more visual cloud of vapor, this is the kind of ingredient you’ll want to go with.

Diluted nicotine is another of the core ingredients you’re going to need to get your hands on, and you’ll be able to find it all over the internet (including on Amazon) so there isn’t any worry about sourcing it. You will want to make sure that you choose a nicotine level and concentration that you are comfortable with, understanding that your nicotine is going to be diluted even farther when it is added to your DIY ejuice.

Flavor ingredients are also going to be a big piece of the puzzle, and will actually determine the overall flavor and taste that you get out of your DIY ejuice. You’ll find all different kinds of flavor additives available all over the web today, providing you with all different kinds of flavor combinations and recipes that you can test, tinker with, and enjoy.

Some folks even go with a straight up “neat” ejuice or vape liquid, one that only gives you the flavor of the diluted nicotine that you are rocking and rolling with. This isn’t all that common, but a lot of people do go down this road just for the experience.

At the end of the day, you’re likely to use a ratio of 70/25/5 of PG/VG, diluted nicotine, and flavor elements to create the final vape juice concoction that you are after. You always want your PG or VG substances to act as the backbone of your vaporizer liquid, no matter what.

Be careful mixing things together

Kevin at the end of the day, you’ll want to get your hands on a number of different clean plastic bottles, containers, syringes, and gloves that you can use reliably to keep your vape juice creation process as clean and as neat as humanly possible.

Not only should you work to keep as clean and orderly a workspace as possible, but you’ll also want to observe as many safety precautions as possible to avoid possibly contaminating the vape juice itself or poisoning yourself due to exposure to heavy concentrations of diluted nicotine.

Start off with your viscous base layer, slowly drip dropping diluted nicotine into the concoction, and finally adding your flavor elements at the end to get the finished product you are after. Taste and test along the way until you get the kinds of results you are looking for, and once you find something that works make sure you write down the exact details of that recipe so that you can replicate it again and again moving forward.

Best of luck creating DIY ejuice that you are able to really enjoy!